Hello, I am

Marcus A. Schürstedt

I am a freelancer who specializes in coaching and training that help you and your business grow or get past difficult projects.

I can assist to setup e-learning and webinar structures with a train the trainer approach,
coach the first movements into agile methods with SCRUM and more. 

I teach as an university lecturer topics like
Intercultural Communication and Data Science and more. 

I focus on

Training Coaching Consulting Intercultural AGILE


I do trainings. Workshops from Train the Trainer, Agile&Design Thinking, Business Process Management and more


As a licensed NLP Coach, and a Heilpraktiker for Psychotherapy, I can coach in all areas, business and private. I coach companies to move into agile methods with SCRUM.


Sometimes all you need is just the right advice. I can give you that.


I worked around the globe, as a trainer and consultant. Doing trainings in global settings. Teaching Intercultural Communication at the University.


It-guy -> Business & Marketing -> Psychology from software development to business development to organizational & personal development

I love

About Me

Academic with a degree in Computer Science, International Marketing and a Master in Business Administration Europe.

Licensed as a Heilpraktiker for Pschotherapy in Germany – with focus on Heiltrainings.  Licensed as a NLP Coach.

Certified SCRUM Master and SCRUM Project Owner. Educated in Design Thinking, Kanban. An agile thinker. 

Meditation Vipassana, Metta, Mindfulness.

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my story

Skills you can trust

Started with doing trainings as a student of computer science. Office, Pascal, Linux for NCR/AT&T. Never let training go. Just found my passion. 

Worked as sales rep (we made more than 20 billion turnover with PCs in our team), support specialist, consultant in the business process management area.

I worked as a therapist and NLP coach. 

When working for the small, but global operation BPM vendor, the trainings become global. Europe, USA, Canada, China, Middle East. Lot’s of cultural experience from that time. Started with eLearning quite early and a lot of experience with webinars (always use a pen!). 

As a continuous learner I am interested in the newest trends in training. I am using technology like pen input, but new training styles are very interesting too. With my work for the university I am free to experiment. 

Please download my profile to get more information. 

Per se I am not a planner. So agile thinking was my way always. 

  1. Look where you are and where you want to go
  2. Make a small step into the direction
  3. Stop and evaluate what you learned so far
  4. Goto 1

Rule: when you have two similar option choose the one which gives you more flexibility. 

A quote from a good friend and colleague: „Marcus has the ability to make 1+1=3. He sees combinations where we normal thinker see just the average.“

Quite amazing, but the Myres-Briggs type system explains a lot of myself: https://www.16personalities.com/intp-personality

I see more the drawbacks of this type personally, on the other hand there is a lot of potential I would like to bring in. 

I worked a lot with Moodle, as I speak PHP. Same for WordPress as a LMS system. 

Adobe captivate of course. 

SAP Enable now, a system I really like a lot. So much potential. 

I started with computer science. Know programming from the basics. Speak C#, PHP, Java, Python, Javascript and more. 

My philosophy: if I can understand it, I can program it. 

I have experience in the Windows world, but although in Linux and OS/X. Did some development for Android, less for IOS. 

Databases from Oracle, MS-SQL to MySQL. Some No-SQL as well. 

I did some work in the open-source sector, e.g. in the business open-source context. 

I love to play with the newest things in technology. Own an Amazon Echo since it came out in the US. Did some work with skill development, chatbots etc. 

I own VR equipment, 360° cameras. Love machine learning and AI (one of my hobbies). 

Nowadays I would not consider me a hardcore developer – more someone who knows how it is done. The time of Pizza nights is over :). 

Nevertheless, I can do:

    • *** .net project – transfer Salesforce based support solution into a BPM driven solution Asp.Net web application with ad-hoc live data migration 
    • *** php wordpress based solution – pilot show case for integration of wordpress and Microsoft AI tools – Microsoft QNA Maker and Microsoft Bot tools for automatic knowledge base building
    • *** javascript, node.js – pilot show case – open source kanban board control with mobile phone data entering via web sockets
    • *** .net, javascript – integration of quickbooks accounting software into Ultimus BPM to set up a workflow driven in-house accounting solution

Just to mention a few more recent one. 

Why do I write here about hobbies? 

Because I think you hire a person, not a machine. 

Even I am a lot into AI, machine learning and the philosophy behind it. 

As long term meditation practioner I have some interesting insights how our brain works. 

Marcus A. Schürstedt
Trainer & Coach
more than 10
completed projects

Questions? I have answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Just head down to the contact form and drop me a message.

I usually prefer short term contracts as they provide different challenges but from time to time I take on long term ones. Just write me a message and I’ll let you know.

Sure, I do On-Site trainings and workshops. I do prefer Online or remote jobs so. 

Course development is done remote in my creative office – see next question.

Very good question. True is, that a small laptop is not a good environment to develop learning content. 

I have a laptop with pen digitizer for workshops or trainings.

Development is done in my creative office.

Here I have two 28 Zoll monitors, one 4k, one Full-HD. A i7-8700 powered computer with 32GB RAM and a GTX 2080 graphic card. 

My office is connected with DUAL Wan (Telekom and Vodafone) with a failover load-balancer. 

For testing I do have ipads, iphone, android phone and tablet, and a Apple OS-X environment. 

Furthermore I do have VR equipment, if you want to go further down the road. VR set plus 360° camera equipment. 

On the soft skill side, I worked with many different LMS, am profound in Affinity Photo (a photoshop replacement), have enough technical curiosity to work with any system. I like to learn new things and environments. 

You can ask my wife – I buy a new phone every two month to have something new to play. 

Definitely, feel free to use it and modify it as you see fit, in personal or commercial projects. No attribution is required, but appreciated.

Trainings Portfolio

From SME – subject matter expert – to a trainer. This workshops show the tips and tricks. Theory and praxis. Cover areas like eLearning and webinars as delivery platform as well. Highly customized to your trainer needs. 

From WordPress to Jira, concepts of machine learning using Microsoft Azure tools, or your own inhouse software – I can provide you with the content, structure, and execution of the trainings. Instructor-led on-site, or a webinar series. 

Agile methods like SCRUM, Design Thinking, Kanban are my current focus. 

Traditional topics like communication skills, negotiation skills, intercultural skills, conflict management skills, or resilience empowering – can be covered to your needs. 

Using an approach described by Jeff Sutherland and Scott Downey as Shock Therapy – Bootstrapping Hyperproductive Scrum I coach through the first steps into agile SCRUM.

More information about this on my SCRUM blog: https://scrum.schuerstedt.com.

I do like to explain things. Participants attest me, that I am able to explain complicated systems in a way, that one can understand it. 

Currently I am working on explainer videos a lot. See sample on my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqtKHyye-0mK1Gx7WGaK3uw

Contact ME

Marcus A. Schürstedt

67227 Frankenthal Pfalz, Schulstr. 19
E-Mail: marcus@schuerstedt.com

Telefon: +49 176 55 33 11 29

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